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Sintered Diamond Drill Bits
Cut Clean - Fast - and Last
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Why Badger Sintered Tools diamond bits offer superior value:
  • Superior adhesion technology (patent pending) that binds the diamonds to the shaft far more securely than conventional manufacturing techniques
  • Superior cutting elements - we use only full octahedral diamonds, not chips or flakes
  • Superior guarantee

We also offer custom tool design services.  As a master craftsman, I am well aware of the value of just the right tool.  Indeed, I have fabricated numerous tools for a variety of reasons and know how to make a tool to fit the need.  My manufacturing process for bonding diamonds to the shaft is quite adaptable to a variety of situations, and I'd welcome the opportunity to work with you to make whatever you're trying to do a lot easier.  Please contact me to further discuss your needs.
Don't just take our word for it, here's a sampling of comments from professionals and satisfied users:

"Master craftsman William Beekman ... has developed a line of durable diamond drill bits that are reasonably priced, sintered, and cut clean and fast repeatedly."  Jewelry Artist Magazine - May 2010

"I have drilled 20 holes, 3/8” deep in some African Agate with just one bit, and there is little sign of wear on the bit. They also drill very quickly compared to other bits that I have tried.Sprig H. - Kenosha, Wis.

"I had given up on drilling holes in rocks for customers because it did not pay. After being introduced to Badger Sintered Tools drill bits I'm back in business. They really last." Eggers Lapidary - Golden, CO

"Badger Sintered Tools makes the best diamond drill bits we have ever seen." Red & Green Minerals - Lakewood, CO

"Recently I purchased some diamond bits from Badger Sintered Tools, after trying Dremmel Bits and diamond dust (total failure).  I tried Bill's bits and I could not believe how well they worked.  Following his instructions, they have amazing life and drill quickly.  Being able to to drill stones in a timely fashion has put a new "facet" in my jewelry making."  Tobias H. - Roseburg, Oregon

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