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About Us

I've been a serious rock hound for over 50 years. I have 30 lbs of rocks tumbling all the time and after retirement I began flint knapping. Both interests have spurred a passion for creating jewelry and other art pieces. As I matched stone for pendants and earrings and began drilling holes, I was disappointed that all the bits I tried wore out quickly. And, they were expensive.

A five year search left me dissatisfied with the quality and high price of resin-bound diamond bits, so I decided to make my own. I wanted a durable bit that would cut clean and quickly.  Using my brazing skills and expertise as a master welder I developed a new process (patent pending) to improve adhesion of the diamonds to the shaft.  Each bit is handmade, one at a time, from cutting the individual shaft to the finishing coat of varnish.  The shaft tip is hand brazed with DIDCO® DMG-880™ octahedral diamonds (as opposed to diamond chips and flakes used in other bits) supsended in a brazing alloy, resulting in excellent adhesion of diamonds to the shaft.  The result is durable, clean cutting bit that offers the best value for the price. 

I'm so sure you will like Badger Sintered Tools diamond drill bits, I offer the best guarantee in the industry. If you are unhappy with any of my bits (for any reason other than improper use or abuse) I'll replace it for free, including shipping and handling.

William A. Beekman
Founder & Owner
Badger Sintered Tools 


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