Badger Sintered Tools
They're tough and they dig

"Master craftsman William Beekman has spent his life crafting art and jewelry of all types, and has developed a line of durable diamond drill bits that are reasonably priced, sintered, and cut clean and fast repeatedly. He makes his own using a patent-pending process that densely loads the tips of the bits with the best octahedron diamonds available. Octahedrons-shaped diamonds' many cutting edges are symmetrical for cleaner, faster cuts. The shafts are drill-quality tool steel, and the 70-grit diamonds work well for ceramics, glass, and softer stone; 120-grit diamonds are best for gems and hard stone; and 220-grit diamonds for smaller bits."  Jewelry Artist Magazine - May 2010

"I have been drilling holes in rock for over 10 years and have tried almost every diamond bit available in the market today. I could list all of the types of bits that I have tried that ended with failure and frustration, with a waste of both my time and money. I found Badger Sintered Tools and gave their bit’s a try and found that they are superior to any bits that I have tried in the past. They drill quickly and last like no other. I have drilled 18” of Agate with just one of your bits and it still has life left in it!"  Sprig H. - Kenosha, Wisconsin 

"I have been involved with lapidary for over 30 years and have extensive experience using diamond drill bits. I have used many types of drill bits from all of the major manufactures in the business. I have never been truly satisfied with any of the products, until I tried Badger Sintered Tools made by William Beekman. They are the most aggressive, well bonded, longest lasting diamond bits I have ever tried. I strongly recommend Badger Sintered Tools to anyone who drills holes in rock."  Greg N. - Castle Valley, Utah

"I have tried many diamond drill bits on my lapidary projects over the years. I think Badger Sintered Tools makes the best bits available in the market today. I have drilled over 300 mm of stone with just one of your bits." Johnny J. - Finland

"We have tried many types of diamond drill bits for our stone jewelry. Badger Sintered Tools drill bits far outlast any other bits we have ever used. I am very impressed with these bits and feel fortunate to have discovered them."  Dave A. - Minnesota






















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